About Fiona

Fiona (they/them) has been studying and working in Health and Healing modalities for over a decade, and has faced a myriad of health challenges themselves.

They are committed to finding the most effective and gentle paths to healing, for themselves and their clients.

They started out in Myotherapy in Melbourne, having graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science in 2008 from the Endeavour College of Natural Health. Long feeling that massage, while being a wonderful modality, was just not enough, Fiona set out on a long journey of learning. Throughout this time they studied Tantric Yoga, Energy Work, Bowen Therapy, Eastern philosophy, Life Coaching, and more.

But it wasn’t until they came across the Spiral when they were taken though it in 2016 that they felt they had really found something that could help them to help their clients quickly, safely, and powerfully.

Since then they have become an Advanced Spiral Practitioner and has already helped many people to truly change their lives!

When not practicing, Fiona enjoys gardening and expanding their varied creative endeavours.


Hear more about the Spiral from creator
    Dane Tomas