This is for you if you’ve wanted to start a daily self care program for yourself but something always seems to get in the way. 

In this course we’ll go through not just different practices and techniques, but ways in which you can actually get them to stick! 

No matter if you are a workaholic, a busy parent,  struggling with chronic illness, unorganised, or anything else in your way, this can help you to develop your own daily practice. 

Its not about what practices you choose to do. Its about learning how to commit to yourself, supporting and nourishing yourself. Planting small seeds of self love that will grow into great things in your life. 

This 8 week course will include weekly live interactive classes full of practices, theory and group emotional clearing. They will be recorded and be able to be viewed later. You will also be sent plenty of resources and worksheets so you can practice and reflect during the week, and delve as deep into the work as you feel. 

The first round will be starting Tuesday October 16th. Classes will be at 8:15pm  in a facebook group which you can join below.