The Spiral is delivered over 7 sessions followed by a final integration session.

The sessions are relatively short (usually between 30 and 50 minutes) and there MAY be some sort of release that takes place during the session (or there may not).

This isn’t the important part.

What’s important are the changes that take place AFTER the session.

For some people there are noticeable shifts straight away, for others the shifts are revealed and made more discernable by specific situations.

You may notice yourself being hyper-aware of an old pattern or no longer being affected by something that used to drive you crazy.

In order to get the most from the work you will receive homework tasks after each session, (including journaling and taking specific actions) to help solidify and integrate the changes that are taking place.

This work is incredibly powerful, but it’s not a magic pill.The more you work WITH the process, the more tangible your results will be.

Logistically, this process can be delivered over varying time periods.

The one I most commonly recommend is 8 – 10 weeks for most consistent results.

All sessions are done over Skype unless specifically organised otherwise. 



Wealth clearing session – Discover and clear the beliefs and values around money and yourself that are blocking you from achieving your financial goals.

Relationship clearing session – Find out and clear the old stories and rules so that you can show up fully present to your partner or to be fully open when you meet new people.

Manifestation clearing session – Clear the roadblocks that are stopping you from getting what you want to manifest in your life!



Membership to online support community and resources.


Spiral is currently priced at $2000 for the 8 weeks. 

One off clearing sessions are priced at $180 per session.


Both Credit Card payment and Direct Bank Deposit are available.

Payment plans and concession rates are also available.